My Story


I am Adam Kelly, the proprietor of Adam Kelly Fitness.

I specialise in helping men and women overcome their daily struggles to feel incredible again through training, nutrition and building a bulletproof mindset.

My journey began at a very young age where I was involved in every sport you could imagine. During my days in school I could not imagine a life where some level of sport or fitness was not a part of it. When I was younger I was that skinny guy who could eat all the wrong things and not put up an ounce of body fat. We had a retail shop for all of my childhood and every night I would fill up carrier bag of sweets crisps and whatever my grandfather would let me get my hands on.

As I got older I was always fascinated by the guys in the fitness magazines which gave me the passion to try and pack on some muscle. So as a skinny guy I found it very difficult because ultimately I had no clue what I was doing. I was just eating chicken, rice and broccoli and following a workout split from Flex Magazine which left me with severe DOMS (Delated Onset Muscle Soreness) for days on end. I thought this was the way but boy was I wrong. I ended up with so many aches, pains and niggles with very little muscle to show for the effort that I had put in. I wanted to educate myself more about health and fitness.

So after my Leaving Cert in 2010 I pursued a career in Health and Fitness when I enrolled for a BA (Hons) Degree in Exercise and Health Studies at Waterford Institute of Technology. During my 4 years in college I have gained a high level of knowledge that I could put into practice immediately due to the standards set by my lecturers.

Since I graduated college, I have clocked up thousands of hours on the gym floor which has led me to gain some fantastic hands on experience trialling out different training systems on both myself and with clients to find out what works best and most importantly the WHY behind it all. This has led to some fantastic successes with my clients achieving great results along the way. Anyone who is close to me will know that I am constantly educating myself in order to bring the highest quality service possible for all my clients.

But most trainers nowadays claim to hold the magical formula when it comes to training and nutrition. However, a lot of the time from what I have seen is some cut and pasted documents from the internet. Just because someone is in shape doesn’t necessarily mean that they know exactly what they are doing Do not get caught in this trap as it may be detrimental to you achieving your goals. Trust me when I was say these because I can speak from experience that most of those plans will not get you to where you want to be.

So back in December I got in the best shape of my life by putting in a serious effort and commitment to both my training and nutrition but it was short lived because on the 24 December 2014, I ended up in hospital with a pain in my stomach which ultimately led to an appendix surgery on Christmas Day. This left me in a bad way for numerous months afterwards which ultimately lead me to fall out of love with nutrition, training and my motivation was at an all-time low. I had some serious digestion issues which seriously impacted on how I wanted to live my life.

This led to a year of constant binging on food every night where I didn’t realise how out of shape I was at this present moment. However, I was very strong but that’s about it, my energy levels were dreadful, I had a chronic knee issue (ongoing with 12 months) which impacted on how I performed my job as PT on a daily basis. This ultimately led me down a slippery slope.

Just before Christmas I was training a man aged 58 quite early on a Monday morning and I was walking around like a zombie when he said “what in God’s name is wrong with you? How are you tired? “. This soon hit me because this guy was over double my age, full of energy, smashing PR’s every week all because of the information I was providing him with. So as you can see I started off as a Skinny Kid who struggled to add muscle to getting in the best shape of my life to the worst shape of my life in 12 months.

That’s when I said enough is enough, I got in touch with Bryan Hickey​ with a view of him becoming a coach for myself and I set an end goal of a photoshoot with Shaun Barry​ somewhere down the line. This may have seemed a long shot at the start, but if your goals don’t scare you, they are not big enough. I am always up for a challenge. This is where everything changed for me because I had someone to be accountable to.

In 6 months, I lost 50 pounds and done a photo-shoot. Trust me when I say this was the most challenging thing that I have done in my life. You can add weight quite easily but my god does it take a serious effort to get it back off again.

The breakdown for the6 months consisted of approximately: 216 hours of resistance training, 160 hours of cardio, nutrition, sleep, hydration nailed down. Everything was weighed, tracked and controlled. This is what was necessary for me to reach my end goal.

But this was the day where everything changed for me and I will be forever grateful to Bryan Hickey. I originally  hired him as a coach and now fast forward 3 years we are really good mates.

I hope whoever is reading this can relate to this similar type of struggle because it can happen to anyone (even fitness professionals), but trust me with some good guidance and accountability anything is achievable once you set your mind on it.

This is my story, now I help men and women overcome their daily struggles to feel incredible again through training, nutrition and building a bulletproof mindset.



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