Let’s talk about CORTISOL and how it effects WEIGHT LOSS? 👇

Nowadays many of us walk around highly stressed due to modern day life which can be a huge reason why a large percentage of the population walk around overweight. 
According to Thau and Sharma (2015) is a stress hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and is released in a response to stress.
It can come in many forms such as sickness, work life, poor sleep patterns, exercise and so on. When you are constantly stressed our bodies are under too much pressure and many times it just can’t come with this super stressed state.
In order for our bodies to deal with a stressful situation your body must provide energy to cope with this stress which can ultimately elevate your blood sugar.
The hormone responsible for blood sugar is insulin (Wilcox, 2005). Nowadays due to the large sedentary nature of the general population this elevation in insulin can lead to body fat storage due to your body having no where to utilize this energy (because of sedentary life).
Also being super stressed can cause muscle breakdown which will cause you to struggle to put on muscle but it will also reduce your lean body mass (Jones, 2006). We know that having more muscle than fat on our bodies is favorable as it expends more calories at rest, so we can hypothesis that being super stressed and muscle breakdown can lead to excess fat gain.
How to fix this and manage stress? 🤔
1️⃣ Make sure you get 7-8 hours of quality sleep 😴
2️⃣ 80% Nutrient Dense foods should make your diet🥗
3️⃣ Take magnesium 💊
4️⃣ Start a training regime 🏋️‍♀️
5️⃣ Take time for yourself 🥰
6️⃣ Sleep tip: have a dark, cool room 😇
Now all of this takes time but take action and implement this if you are struggling

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