Creatine 101


There has been a large number of people that have came to me in the past saying “hey keep it quiet, I don’t want anyone to know but I am thinking of taking creatine, will it give me kindey failure, cancer, will I die etc.?”

This is complete nonsense and for all them people out there that thing creatine is a “steroid”, a little bit of advice don’t always believe what you read in forums or hear from your “mate” because a lot of the time they are talking complete and utter sh*t.

Creatine seems to be like the taboo thing to do if your competing sports and looking for a little extra edge, which is just a stereotypical thing in the society we live in today.

What is creatine?
It is a molecule produced in the body where it exists in the form of creatine phosphate.

Where is it found?
Mostly in beef, fish or can be taken via supplementation as an ergogenic aid.

Side effects?
Side effects such as bloating, GI upset and diarrhoea can occur at high does or when the person is not consuming enough water.

Is creatine safe?
Yes. There have been 1,000’s of studies done over the years and none have been able to show that it causes kindey damage, cancer, baldness and all the other various things you hear people say.

Who should use it?
Anyone who takes part in a form of strength, sprinters and especially athletes who play a sport that involves repetitive small sprints or high intense activities.

When to take it?
Before, during or after exercise.

How much?

Do you need to load it?

Do you need to cycle it?
No. Yes people that means you can take all year round every day.

Why take it?
Its very cheap, effective and does what it is supposed to do unlike a lot of the scams on the supplement market.

I hope you guys found this information useful.

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