So when it comes to weight loss there will become a point in time where things will stall.
So why does this happen? 👇
1️⃣ You are not eating enough – the effects of under eating will have detrimental effects to your strength in the gym, energy levels and your recovery from sessions will be comprised. This can cause you to be less active than in previous weeks due to a lack of energy and desire to train.
2️⃣ You are eating too much – at the end of the day it is a calorie game and yes your weekend antics can ruin your the effort you made during the week. If you over eat you will be in a calorie surplus thus causing you to gain excess weight.
3️⃣ Not active enough – maybe you are sedentary for a large amount of the day and your general energy output is quite low. This compiled with overeating is a recipe for excess fat gain.
4️⃣ No goal setting – you just have no goals set out which causes you to fall off the wagon more often then not. If you cannot sustain or adhere to the plan your progress will be stopped in its tracks.
5️⃣ Not Training hard enough – in the gym I see so many people flapping around with their workouts. Put away the phone and utilise tour time effectively.
6️⃣ You are winging it – if this is the case then you are basically standing blindfolded in an octagon with Conor McGregor….it is just not going to end well.
Stick to your calories, move more, train hard, have goals set out and do no wing the whole process 🙌
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