Personal Training (1-2-1)

When it comes to achieving phenomenal results in the gym, it all comes down to exercise programming and execution in my opinion. This is one area where many people fall into the trap and just focus on lifting heavy weights with very poor technique which will ultimately result in an injury somewhere down the line.

I believe my private personal training services bring the best out of my clients which allows them to achieve things they couldn’t have imagined day one. This service has yielded some fantastic results due to my expertise in this area.

Personal training is a great option for beginners right through to high level athletes.

I also offer:
1 to 2 (Buddy System – train with a friend and spilt the cost)
Group PT – this is a semi private option where you will train amongst people with a similar ability to you. (Female Only & Male Only)

If you are looking to change your life please do not hesitate to contact me.