Low Calorie Snacks

Diversity in your diet can be key to success but having some foods that you like in there too can also feel like a treat which will help with adherence to the plan.
Adherence will allow for sustainability which will undoubtedly lead to progress.
Here’s some cheeky little snacks you can add in during the day to keep cravings at bay and keep you on track.
Anyone who follows me knows that I’m a huge advocate of Hartleys jelly as it hits all the cravings with little to no calories. I also like to add in some fruit such as blueberries, apples. Even items such as fibre one bars can be great to curb a craving with only 90 calories per serving. If you are an ice pop lover these mini calippos are an absolute gem to kill a craving. These are just some items I like to have on hand but you can also use nuts, seeds etc but just bare in mind that these foods are calorie dense and they could tip you over you calories if you are in a deficit thus impacting your weight loss goals.

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