So when it comes to fat loss everyone is looking for a shortcut to success.
So with High Intensity Interval Training we have some great pros that include:
1️⃣ If you are short on time it can be a great tool.
2️⃣ Personally I find it great when times get tough during the latter sets for mental toughness.
3️⃣ Can be utilized to effectively if you are in a sport that revolves around short high intense bouts of effort.
4️⃣ Ultimately it burns calories.
With the Cons: it can be taxing on the body thus making it a higher risk for injury if your recovery is not on point.
So with Low Intensity Steady State cardio we have also some great pros that include:
1️⃣ It is easy on the body due to the lower intensity levels.
2️⃣ Personally I find it great as it can be very easily adapted in a way of life thus making adherence to it quite high.
3️⃣ Ultimately it burns calories.
With the Cons: it can take quite a long time to complete (30-60+mins) which can lead to boredom.
First off For fat loss you need to be in caloric deficit for it to incur. You have two great tools are your disposal with HIIT and LISS as they both ultimately burn calories which will help in creating a deficit.
Personally I would utilize both as it will keep things fresh in your workouts and both have different demands on your body’s energy systems 💪
Hope this helps 👌

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