Fruit is the devil, its bad for you and you should certainly not consume it!

Put a big “X” through all fruits because they will make you FAT!

Because something, something, SUGAR and something will make you FAT!

So in summary, “If you eat fruit it will then make you fat because sugar has superpowers”.

Apparently it is like a drug also.

It is so addictive that once you consume it you are doomed!

There I said it.

End of the discussion.


You hardly thought I will let you down like that, now would you?

I literally cannot believe in 2020 and we are still having these discussions!

But the scary part about it all is that a large proportion of the population believe this is the case.

This topic has come up a lot of times in my career so far but it came up with a client again in the past few days!

Where she said, “I cannot believe I can eat fruit and lose weight”.

I then probed a bit to find out a little more.

Eager for an opportunity for an education fuelled rant and here we are!

So in this particular case, she was told in the past that she was not losing weight because she was eating fruit. But not even that, it was the fact that bananas were the worst as they are so fattening!

This is just ludicrous, but my advice is always to seek advice from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about.

Not Mary-Jane up the road, who lost 6 stone and is now a self-proclaimed weight loss expert!

Sit back down love, you are not an expert and I would argue it is outside your wheelhouse to even give nutrition advice that is solely based off your own experience.

But that is a discussion for another day.

First off I would like to address potential advice when it comes to eating “healthy”.

You are often told to consume from “fruit & veg” and such advice is given out by GP’s quite commonly (not all), but it does happen!

In my opinion, fruit and vegetables should be seen as separate identities and not used in that context. At the end of the day, fruit does indeed have calories and the message is to “eat more fruit”, some people overeat fruit as a result thus pushing them into a calorie surplus. However, I think the like hood of you overeating on spinach is quite low, therefore “fruit & vegetables” should be separated (Houchins et al. 2012).

But let’s get into why FRUIT IS NOT FATTENING! The science does not lie and the quality of evidence available in relation to this topic can not be simply ignored.

Fruit tastes amazing, it is rich in macronutrients, it can be difficult to eat in large quantities (there are always exceptions) and it actually has a positive association with body weight and over health.

James, Funnel & Milner (2015) found that swapping a confectionary based snack (sweets) with mixed berries reduced food intake (Ad libitum – eat as much as you want) by 19.5%. All of which were calorie controlled!

But no Adam, that simply cannot be true and I still do not believe you.

Okay, well Guyenet (2019) noted: “that whole fresh fruit does not contribute to obesity and may have a place in the management of excess adiposity”.

So, you are telling me that I can eat fruit and I won’t get fat?

That is true especially if you are adhering to maintenance calorie diet, but if you are in a deficit you can actually eat fruit and lose weight.

So that is pretty cool, isn’t it?

But if you are still unsure about it, have a read of this.

Madero et al. (2011) noted that health outcomes (blood pressure, insulin, glucose and quality of life scores) improved in both groups while consuming a natural fructose based diet consisting of mainly fresh fruit. Both groups lost weight but the moderate group (those who consumed more fructose) lost more than the low group.

Do you want me to keep going or are you convinced that consuming fruit will not make you fat provided your calories are in check?

I hope you have made it this far because the fruit is great, and it can be easily a part of your diet. Especially if you love fruit then it will make adhering to the plan a lot easier, adherence is key and without it, progression is hard to come by.

I hope you can now see that by even eating a “banana” (the worst – apparently) will not make you FAT.

1 banana is approximately 100kcal, it does not have superpowers once it hits your mouth!

You do not need to fear fruit!

Nor do you need to need to avoid sugar!

But that is a discussion for another day.

What you should really avoid is bad advice!

Please share this with someone who would find this useful because this propaganda needs to stop!

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